This is the most famous British food and this is a street food.

It is made of fried fish and chips . It served with salt and vinegar. Do you like fish and chips?

Tea is the third most popular drink in the world .

British tea is at five p.m. It is served with biscuits and cocumber sandwiches or a piece of cake .

The most popular biscuits are the Eccles cake. Do you drink tea?

The Roast Beef is a dish with beef roasted in the oven. It is usually eaten for Sunday dinner. Have you ever eaten roast beef? Do you like it?

Brunch  is a mix of breakfast and lunch. It is served from 10 to 12 a.m. and it is composed of bacon, eggs, ham, pancakes, fruit, pastries, meat, cheese, fish and vegetables. It is typical of Sunday, when you get up late and you don’t have breakfast but you’re hungry and you would like to have lunch. Restaurants offer brunch at a buffet with sweet food and salty food. Brunch is popular in the USA, but it originates in England in the 19thcentury. It’s spreading across Europe.