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Interview to teacher Zanato

Interview to teacher Silvestri

Interviewer: When did you go to Brazil?

Teacher Silvestri: I went to Brazil in May 2011.

Interviewer: How long did you stay in Brazil?

Teacher Silvestri: I stayed in Brazil for two years.

Interviewer: What job did you do in Brazil?

Teacher Silvestri: I worked as a teacher to help poor kids that had social and family problems.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to go there?

Teacher Silvestri: Because I wanted to have a new experience.

Interviewer: What language did you speak?

Teacher Silvestri: I spoke Portuguese.

Interviewer: Did you like Brazil? And why?

Teacher Silvestri: Yes, I liked Brazil very much because Brazilians are always very cheerful, even though they have many problems.

Interviewer: Have you got friends in Brazil?

Teacher Silvestri: Yes, I have. I have got many Brazilian friends and I usually speak with them on Facebook or on Skype.

Interviewer: Are you going to go back to Brazil soon?

Teacher Silvestri: I hope to go back in August on holiday, but I’d like to go and live there one day.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Teacher Silvestri: Thank you.